Urban Cleaning zone , Cleaning Product and Equipment Supply & Distribution Company in Gauteng - Johannesburg/JHB - Pretoria/PTA

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  • Your Complete Solution to Hygiene!
  • Gauteng Cleaning Suppliers
  • Suppliers of only the Highest Quality Cleaning products
  • Wide range and variety of cleaning products and equipment
Your Complete Solution to Hygiene!1 Gauteng Cleaning Suppliers2 Suppliers of only the Highest Quality Cleaning products3 Wide range and variety of cleaning products and equipment4





Urban Cleaning zone Gauteng | Cleaning Product Suppliers in Pretoria | Johannesburg Cleaning Equipment | Gauteng Cleaning Product Manufacturers

Urban Cleaning zone is based in Pretoria, manufacture suppliers of variety of cleaning products, detergents, soaps, brands, cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and cleaning accessories. Your solution to complete hygiene. Delivering weekly throughout Gauteng (Johannesburg/Joburg, Pretoria/PTA)

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Complete Solution to Hygiene.! Your One-Stop Clean Supply Shop!


Urban Cleaning zone is a well established specialised cleaning manufacture suppliers in the bustling Gauteng Province.


We specialise in the hygiene. detergent and cleaning equipment industry within South Africa. We are dedicated to the supply and distribution of only the highest and best quality cleaning detergents, products and equipment to our valued customers. Manufacturing a vast range of different cleaning products & detergents, such as general Home or Office cleaning, Laundry Products and Washing Powders, Toiletries and Sanitisers, Personal Care Toiletries, Car Care Products and floor care cleaning products and soaps. We are also the suppliers of a range of different cleaning equipment, tools and accessories such as Mops & Brooms, Refuse Bags, SteelWool, Toilet Paper, kitchen towels, Serviettes and other paper products. We seek out to add a wide range of convenient cleaning supplies for our customers to have a choice for precisely what they need for their cleaning requirements, whether you need supplies for domestic home cleaning purposes or commercial cleaning purposes.


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Convenience is of the utmost importance to us, and that is just what we offer - delivering our ordered products to our Gauteng customers on a weekly basis, throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria.


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Home / Office Laundry Products Toiletries & Sanitisers Personal Care
Car Care Washing Powder Floor Care Mops & Brooms
Refuse Bags Steel Wool Toilet Paper Products  

Urban Cleaning zone in Gauteng, Cleaning Empire Company in Pretoria, Cleaning Suppliers in Joburg, JHB Cleaning Products, Pretoria Cleaning Supplies, PTA Cleaning Equipment

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